In Vambrace: Cold Soul, there are items that can only be equipped by certain classes. These class items also change one of the flourish skills, improving the original skill, for the class that equips the item.

Every class has two class items. One blue text item, these can sometimes be crafted, and one red text item, these items must be found or purchased from a merchant. The blue text items will be listed first followed by the red text items. The photos on the left are of the skill changes from blues text items and the ones on the right are from red text items.

Items by Class Edit

Arcaster Edit

  • Plenty of Arrows
  • Explosive Arrow
Rain of Arrows Plenty of Arrows
Fireworks Explosive Arrow

Berserker Edit

  • Battle Flag
  • War Medallion
Ogram's Rage Battle Flag
Mega Rage War Medallion

Blood Mage Edit

  • Cursed Hand
  • Enigma Gauntlet
Super Soul Burst Cursed Hand
Blood Transfusion Enigma Gauntlet

Celestine Edit

  • Magick Amplifier
  • Hallowed Shield
Warding Light Magick Amplifier
Fortify Hallowed Shield

Dragoon Edit

  • All-Mother's Rosary
  • Barbarian Bracelet
Zealous Taunt All-Mother's Rosary
War Cry Barbarian Bracelet

Fencer Edit

  • Large Cylinder
  • Tactical Grenade
Heavy Flashbang Large Cylinder
Thunderflash Tactical Grenade

Fusilier Edit

  • Metal Slug
  • Voltek Slug
Titanic Blast Metal Slug
Rest In Peace Voltek Slug

Hedge Mage Edit

  • Sun Stone
  • Amulet of the Matriarch
Healing Rays Sun Stone
Life Fusion Amulet of the Matriarch

Scoundrel Edit

  • Nemean Pelt
  • Tiger Mask
Beastly Roar Nemean Pelt
Second Wind Tiger Mask

Shadowmancer Edit

  • Hydra Humour
  • Naziri Venom
Hydra Bomb Hydra Humour
Toxic Cloud Naziri Venom

Notes Edit

Some skill changes are not accurate. For example, the Dragoon's War Cry targets all four targets not three as the skill says. I do not know if this is the only skill that is not accurately labeled. If anyone tests the rest add them here.

Also for the Fusilier class the items seem to be switched around. His blue text item, Voltek Slug, has the properties of all the other red text items i.e. +1 combat. This may be a bug where the text colors are switched. So, I have switched the order of them on this page to reflect that.

Gallery Edit

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